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Participant Spotlight: Joe

November 20, 2021

Joe is currently preparing for a total knee replacement later this year. Since joining the Sapien programme, he has lost over 10kg, the pain in his knee has significantly improved, and he’s even noticed his performance on the golf course improve! Joe’s advice for anyone thinking about signing up for the programme: “just get on with it!”.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Joe. I’m almost 75 years old, I’m widowed, and I try to play golf as much as I can. I also volunteer for the NHS in my spare time, taking patients to and from hospital..

Why did you choose to join the Sapien programme?

Well, I’ve been waiting for a new knee for a while and after completing my surgical pre-assessment I was asked if I was interested in doing the Sapien prehabilitation programme… and I thought, why not?!

How has your approach to managing your health changed since participating in the Sapien programme?

It’s been frighteningly positive! From the first chat I had with my coach, I’ve never really looked back. Everything just dropped into place… the diet… the lifestyle… and everything else really. It just fell into place very neatly.

There was nothing onerous about it at all. It was a case of just dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s. It went seamlessly.

What are the main positive changes you have noticed?

The biggest positive change was that during the 8 weeks I was working with my coach, I lost over 10kg! I’ve now got very little or no pain in my knee, which I think is due to all the weight I’ve lost.

Before, if I played golf for 3 days in a row, on the fourth morning I could barely get out of bed… it was like walking on eggshells. But that issue has now completely disappeared. The movement I have in my knee now I probably haven’t had for about 4 years.

There have been some other positive changes that completely took me by surprise. For example, at almost 75 years old, I never ever thought I’d be having Greek yoghurt and fruit for breakfast! I was initially quite skeptical when having the conversation about diet with my coach, but I thought “I’ll give it a go” and I haven’t looked back since. 

What advice would you give to someone else thinking about joining the Sapien programme?

Go into it with an open mind, and put 100% behind it. Listen to what your coach has to say, trust in the process, and just get on with it!